What is “Old School”

What is “Old School”

About our theme

About theme

Hello, and glad to see on the pages of the demo version of the “Old School”.

“Old School” is a WordPress theme. Developing each element, our team approached the most responsibly and the main features of the topic were: design, functionality and plug-ins, which will be discussed below.

What can “Old School”

What is "Old School"

“Old School” is an adaptive, fast, multilingual theme, created specifically for blogs, creative websites and online publishers.

We tried to think through every little thing that not only site owners, but also Internet users face every day.

The theme is designed to be liked by the user, and for easy reading of articles.

About our plugins

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For better functionality, we added the necessary plug-ins to the files with the theme, without which the theme will also work.

But plugins add a unique atmosphere. And that’s what they can:

1. Plug-in contact form – having installed it, you can send a message to the administrator in 2 clicks from any page of the site.

2. Plugin page preview – by hovering over the link, the plugin allows you to find out the title of the article and display the image for the article (as implemented in Wikipedia)

3. Plugin with widgets – our branded widgets of blocks of popular posts and posts by tags.

4. The “Share on Social Networks” buttons plugin is an easy and fast way to add the “Share” buttons to the pages of your site.

More details about plugins can be found here.


What is "Old School"

1 6 available languages for translate:

For convenient display of content in different countries, the topic has been translated into the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

2 Social Networks

One of the first features that cannot be missed is the social networking buttons at the top and bottom of the site.

3 Slider

Optionally, you can enable or disable the display of the slider.

4 2 ways to display posts: 2 columns and a list

In addition, the topic has two ways of displaying posts: 2 columns and a list (you can see an example by clicking on the corresponding item on the red menu at the top of the site)

5 Number of sidebars

The maximum number of sidebars available for display is 2 pieces. In the settings of the site, you can specify 1 or 2 pieces.

6 2 menus and 4 columns of footer widgets

In addition, 2 menus, 4 columns with widgets and social networking buttons are available in the footer.

7 Creators of the theme, compliance with the license Flaticon

Also below, under the footer, you can learn about the creators of the theme, as well as get acquainted with the implementation of all the rules for icons from the site flaticon.kom

8 Author’s display; amounts: views, comments; as well as publication dates

And if you do not want to display the author of the article, you can simply turn off this feature.

9 Block with the content of the article is the best navigation element

In each article in which the author of the article has placed the headlines, a list of the content of the article will be available. Experience has shown that this is one of the best examples of successful article navigation. Readers of the site after reading the content can quickly navigate to the title of interest.

10 You will also like: block with posts by category

As soon as several articles of one heading will be collected on your site, users will be able to switch to another article after rereading this one.

11 Improved comment options

They don’t like it when they put a link as a commentator’s name – now it may not be there.
Do not like standard avatars. Now you can replace them with a proprietary icon.
Want to reduce server load? Now you can remove the edit buttons for each comment.

12 Buttons “Previous” and “Next” in article

Reading the material, you can see on the sides of the button with the previous and next articles. Very comfortably. You just need to move the cursor and see for yourself.

13 Fixed or not fixed red menu

You can transform red menu, like you want

14 Scroll bar

Looks so good

15 Scroll to top button

Just need to click…

Post with to many comments

Post with to many comments

Page markup and formatting

Page markup and formatting

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